Downlights Roadmap

What is the Downlights Roadmap? From now on, it’s your best guide to downlight luminaires! Click >>> and see our latest release.


We’ve delivered a comprehensive lighting system for the most modern medical complex in Europe

The construction of the University Hospital in Krakow-Prokocim took 4 years to complete and included more than 130 milestones throughout its progress. This modern building boasts an area of over 150,000 m² and contains 5,000 different rooms that are adapted to various medical technologies and equipped with 18,000 high...


Sports - the greatest passions among our employees

Sports are one of the greatest passions among our employees, and our team of runners recently participated in an event called BiegRzeznika. During the 16 hours of the 80 km run, the participants had the opportunity to experience nearly every possible meteorological phenomenon. They gave their all in an effort to overc...


Our project - Wroclavia Shopping centre with the BREEAM certificate

Our project Wroclavia obtained the highest result in Poland so far in its category and received the BREEAM certificate with an excellent result - congratulations! Wroclavia succeeded in qualifying for the BREEAM certificate with an excellent result thanks to the use of our 100% LED lighting systems...


We’ve delivered lighting to the AMG Brand Center Gdańsk, the first car showroom of its kind in Europe!

Our cutting edge lighting systems are integrated with innovative lighting control systems to provide the ideal amount of light in the entire building, helping to perfectly showcase the impressive vehicles, their engines and accessories. For this project, we used the 4000 BIS LED, 4000 LED and 6000 LED linear systems in...