CCIRCADIAN technology at the impressive Sundvolden Convention Center


We’ve equipped another facility with CIRCADIAN lighting – the Sundvolden Convention Center in Norway, in Krokkleiva near Oslo. The town is situated by the picturesque lake, Tyrifjorden, and surrounded by mountains – a charming place for weekend getaways from the capital, and the perfect setting for conference meetings. The center’s conference facilities can accommodate up to 1000 people.

The LUNA and linear system S6000 luminaires used in the building are designed to emit a special type of light that is most effective in aiding concentration and improving alertness in the conference and lecture participants.

The Sundvolden Convention Center has an area of over 1,200 m2.
The facility was equipped with 80 LUNA CIRCADIAN luminaires and more than 200 meters of the linear S6000 CIRCADIAN system.