ES -SYSTEM at the 12th European Lighting Conference


The previous such conference took place in Istanbul in 2009. Poland has already had the opportunity to organize a similar convention, which took place in Warsaw in 1999. LUX EUROPA conferences are held every 4 years, which is why we are all the more pleased that our country has been chosen as a host for this gathering once again.

The goal of this conference is to propagate the principles of good lighting and knowledge about this subject field, as well as setting the directions in which the industry is likely to develop. The main theme for this year was LED technology, but also the human aspects of lighting have continued to be a subject to explore – especially considering the impact it has on people and their environment.

Because Krakow was chosen as the setting for this gathering, it is worth mentioning how several years ago, ES-SYSTEM was trusted with the task of expressing the character and beauty of this city accordingly, thanks to well-chosen lighting concepts. That is why we feel responsible for the images which will remain in the memories of its residents and tourists, who take in that beauty during evening walks around the main square. The outstanding group of lighting experts which was present at this event  succeeded in enlightening us regarding further innovative and effective ways in which the city’s attractions can be presented. 

One of the most impressive attractions of the Krakow area is indubitably the famous Wieliczka Salt Mine. A monument  inscribed in the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites, it is one of the oldest salt mines in the world and a unique place, which is worth taking the time to explore. Furthermore, interesting details concerning its spectacular illumination were discussed in Mr. Miroslaw Sulma’s presentation on September 17th.

The conference was truly a significant event, which proved to be quite valuable not only to its participants, but also to the guest speakers, who shared their experience in the field of the latest global lighting trends, as well as scientific and technological achievements in this area.

The three-day session of presentations covered current issues and summarized the most important developments and recent changes in the lighting market in Poland and Europe. This meeting among industry representatives was one of a highly interpersonal nature, and the speakers’ presentations posed an excellent prelude to further lively discussions. During the conference, plenty of opportunities were presented to the participants and the lecturers  to directly converse with one another, exchange opinions and ideas, cultivate their existing contacts and establish new ones. 

This conference was a prestigious gathering not only for professional lighting specialists, but also for less experienced enthusiasts, who are interested in acquiring knowledge from the best possible sources. In order to satisfy the expectations of the event’s participants, the venue chosen for this occasion was the most modern facility of the Jagiellonian University – the Auditorium Maximum, which is located at 33 Krupnicza Street.