A shopping pavilion transformed into a prestigious casino


The Grand Casino Admiral is yet another impressive investment brought to life by a global casino chain. It was built in the center of the Croatian capital of Zagreb in the place of an old, two-story shopping pavilion, which for years had marred the landscape of this beautiful city.

The modernist shape of the building was preserved, and its façade was merely refreshed. The interiors, however, were completely reconstructed, with only the pillars supporting the old pavilion’s construction remaining intact. The upper portion of the building was equipped with gambling tables and croupiers’ desks, as well as endless rows of gaming machines. The eye-catching spiral staircase, flanked by an impressive chandelier, connect the two parts of the casino, giving the interior an exceptional character.
This investment included building a casino as well as a hotel. We’ve provided lighting for all of the interiors according to the high expectations of the investor, whose wish it was for the final result to guarantee an air of prestige and exclusivity. The aesthetics of this location had to be coherent with that of other facilities in this casino chain.
Especially for this project, we designed new ceiling luminaires called PEACOCK, which were installed around the chandelier. Their arrangement is reminiscent of a peacock feather, whereas the multicolored, dynamic motion of the light perfectly reproduces the magic of the spinning roulette wheel.

The PEACOCK luminaires mounted just above the stairs in the center of the casino are a spectacular solution. Thanks to them, the stairs appear to be a bridge connecting the adrenalin-filled gaming part and the relaxing bar area. The lighting effect of individually illuminated steps is an extraordinary invitation for the guests to get in on the excitement of the casino.

All light sources are equipped with intelligent control systems that automatically activate the appropriate scenes as dictated by the programmed schedule. This technology makes it possible to develop solutions that automatically adapt lighting to the needs of its users and at the same time ensure the highest possible energy efficiency.
We also delivered lighting systems for the hotel portion of the building. The luminaires installed there ensure safety and functionality while maintaining visual consistency with the casino.