Lighting Management

Light Management

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Light Management
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To make the best use of the potential of IoT, we’ve developed Intelligent Lighting Control Systems that provide active lighting management.

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3xS - Sensor, Software, Service

All solutions used in the Lighting Management operate in accordance with the modern 3xS formula – Sensor, Software, Service.




Discover smart sensors that will allow you to reduce electricity consumption by as much as 70%.

The offered products feature the following:

A variety of motion detection areas
  • Low-Bay
  • Mid-Bay
  • High-Bay
  • Corridor
A variety of motion detection areas
  • IP20
  • IP65
  • Taking advantage of natural daylight (Daylight Harvesting, Constant Light)
  • Motion detection
  • Presence detection
Individual parameter adjustment using software
Various operating temperature ranges
  • -20°C - +40°C
Device identification
Communication with the use of various protocols
  • BLE (Casambi BIG4)
  • DALI-1 i DALI-2
The possibility to use several sensors within a lighting control group
Products compatible with VERTEX >
DALI MSensor 02 5DPI 41rs

DALI MSensor 02 5DPI 41rs

  • sensor podłączany bezpośrednio do magistrali DALI
  • przeznaczony do przestrzeni suchych (biur, sal konferencyjnych, sal wykładowych)
  • montowany dostropowo
  • obszar detekcji: ø5 m
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DALI MSensor 02 5DPI 41rc

DALI MSensor 02 5DPI 41rc

  • sensor podłączany bezpośrednio do magistrali DALI
  • przeznaczony do przestrzeni suchych (biur, sal konferencyjnych, sal wykładowych)
  • montowany nastropowo
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  • przeznaczony do wysokiego montażu
  • nadaje się do miejsc, gdzie wymagana jest podwyższona szczelność IP54
  • posiada styki bezpotencjałowe
  • obszar detekcji: do ø32m
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Swiss Grade 360

Swiss Grade 360

  • posiada wyjątkowo szeroki, dookolny zakres detekcji ruchu (360°)
  • montowany dostropowo
  • posiada styki bezpotencjałowe
  • obszar detekcji: ø5,6 m (przy wysokości 4m)
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Products compatible with BIG4 >
Multi-sensor CBU-CEFL

Multi-sensor CBU-CEFL

  • wysokość montażu 4-5 m
  • dookolny obszar o średnicy maks. 7 m
  • przeznaczony do przestrzeni biurowych, sal konferencyjnych czy sal wykładowe
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Multi-sensor CBU-CEDRP

Multi-sensor CBU-CEDRP

  • czujnik z regulowanym ręcznie polem detekcji
  • wysokość montażu 2,2-3 m
  • przeznaczony do korytarzy i hal magazynowych
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Multi-sensor CBU-HBND

Multi-sensor CBU-HBND

  • czujnik typu high-bay o wąskim polu detekcji
  • wysokość montażu do 12 m
  • przeznaczony do hal produkcyjnych i magazynów wysokiego składowania
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Multi-sensor CBU-HBWD

Multi-sensor CBU-HBWD

  • czujnik typu high-bay o szerokim polu detekcji
  • wysokość montażu do 14 m
  • przeznaczony do otwartych przestrzeni, hal produkcyjnych i magazynów
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Simple and intuitive solutions available via a mobile app or from any web browser.

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Cloud Connected

Global lighting system integration

SLS, or Smart Lighting Services, is a platform created to manage the global lighting network in all your investments. It guarantees simple and reliable service. It’s available in a cloud environment and allows you to monitor the status of your lighting installation from anywhere in the world.

SLS possibilities include:

  • supervision of luminaires for general and emergency lighting
  • fast controller authorization
  • generating reports
  • remote monitoring (from anywhere in the world)
  • topographic localization on the world map
  • a general overview of all buildings within the system
  • a detailed preview of each building
  • alerts about inconsistencies
  • lighting control group management
  • remote assistance available

Smart Lighting at your fingertips

When designing the Intelligent Lighting Control Systems, we focused on maximum user comfort and reliable operation. Regardless of the system you choose, you will receive:

Lighting management - Easy access and installation

Easy access and installation

Depending on the selected solution, the lighting control system is available in the form of a mobile app (available in the App store and Google Play store) or from a web browser.

Lighting management - Intuitive lighting control

Intuitive lighting control

The application automatically locates all devices connected to the network. It’s up to the customer to group them according to their needs.

Lighting management - Simple configuration and reconfiguration

Simple configuration and reconfiguration

The programmed lighting scenes and schedules can easily be changed for dynamically changing light in different rooms or the entire buildings.

Systems in different types of facilities:

See what benefits – aside from energy savings – you can achieve by using Intelligent Lighting Control

Intelligent Lighting Control - Office buildings

Office buildings

Great lighting conditions that make it easy for employees to focus their attention on their tasks, resulting in effective and efficient work. Uniform lighting at workstations throughout the day. An ideal space for active work and relaxing meetings.

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Intelligent Lighting Control - Educational facilities

Educational facilities

Aiding students’ concentration at every stage of education and developing their capabilities
Providing adequate lighting for all students regardless of the time of day and the light conditions outside
Creating effective studying zones and essential relaxation areas, which benefits proper development

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Intelligent Lighting Control - Healthcare facilities

Healthcare facilities

Support for the healing process and convalescence
The lighting can be adapted to suit the patients’ needs
Using light scene schedules that leave less work for the personnel

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Intelligent Lighting Control - Stores and shopping centers

Stores and shopping centers

Modeling spaces with light, providing a functional division into shopping and relaxation zones
Creating intuitive communication routes leading users to selected places

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Intelligent Lighting Control - Hotels and suites

Hotels and suites

The possibility to individualize light in each room, enhancing the guests’ comfort during their stay
Stunning façade illuminations and functional light scenes in common areas that emphasize the building’s prestigious character

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Intelligent Lighting Control - Industrial facilities

Industrial facilities

Thorough lighting in every corner of the building, contributing to the safety of the employees
Complete remote control over the entire lighting installation
Ensuring proper working conditions in a multi-shift working schedule by using dedicated lighting schedules

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