Illuminations - DMX Basic

Illumination lighting is an impressive type of lighting that makes it possible to manifest the beauty of architectural sites also at nighttime. The desired effect can be obtained by using white-monochrome light or by using different-colored accents (RGB/RGBW).

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The illumination can be controlled using the lighting control cabinet. Illuminations can be static or dynamic. 12 light scenes can be programmed and subsequently activated manually or automatically.

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Impressive, customized illumination lighting:

  • The cutting-edge DMX BASIC lighting control system
  • Up to 340 RGB or RGBW luminaires (such as LEDPIPE)
  • Up to 192 DALI luminaires
  • The possibility to divide the luminaires into 4 groups
  • The possibility to program 12 light scenes
  • Smooth transitions between scenes
  • Components with increased ingress protection, including:
    • THE A-DMX SPLITTER IP65 BOX - used with a larger number of luminaires or when the luminaires are located more than 300 m away from the lighting control cabinet
    • THE A-DMX SPLITTER IP65 FIBER BOX – used for extensive installations (with a 3 km range), intended for fiber optic networks
  • The cutting-edge BASIC+ lighting control cabinet
  • Luminaire auto-addressing
  • Manual light scene control via user interfaces (such as V-TOUCH)
  • A special lighting control application that is accessible via a web browser the connection of the lighting control cabinet to an IT network or to the internet via its built in WiFi is required)
  • Automatic light scene control via:
    • a schedule
    • a calendar (dates, sunrise/sunset)
    • motion/presence sensors
    • BMS

What makes the DMX BASIC system stand out

  • Precision porgramming (LED Player – Chromateq)
  • Quick start-up
  • A minimized number of lighting control devices
  • A ready-to-use Plug Play solution
  • A simple system
  • A local installation
  • The possibility of integration with other systems
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A simple illumination using the V-TOUCH tablet

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DALI and DMX luminaires using the SPLITTER device in a sealed housing

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See how you can add color to your investment: