Emergency lighting control system CTI - DALI
Output Current (CC) 1200mA
Duration time 1h
Operating mode TC
Voltage 230V AC
IP Code IP20
IEC protection class II
Housing material PC
Luminaire shape rectangular
Operating temperature 25°C
Dimensions Height: 30mm
Width: 32mm
Length: 418mm
Ceiling opening dimensions 40mm
Weight 0.30kg
Product datasheet
A constant current emergency module that can be built into a general lighting luminaire or placed in the ceiling void. Suitable for operation with an additional current-powered light source for emergency lighting. Output current: 1200 mA. Communication system: DALI2 (in accordance with the standards: IEC 62386-202, IEC 62386-101, IEC 62386-102). Lighting control/signal bus: dual-core, without polarization. Digital individual addressing. Luminous flux control is possible. Operation in groups and scenes in accordance with DALI2 regulations. Built-in night and surveillance lighting mode. Emergency lighting control system: CTI - DALI; Output Current (CC): 1200mA; Duration time: 1h; Operating mode: TC; Voltage: 230V AC; IP Code: IP20; IEC protection class: II; Housing material: PC; Luminaire shape: rectangular; Operating temperature: 25°C; Dimensions: Height: 30mm, Width: 32mm, Length: 418mm, ; Ceiling opening dimensions: 40mm; Weight: 0.30kg;