Emergency lighting control system STI
Duration time 3h
Operating mode TC
Standard Deviation of Color Matching (SDCM) SDCM <3
Color rendering index (CRI) >70
Voltage 230V AC
Power in non-maintained mode 1.20W
IEC protection class II
Diffuser material PC
Diffuser type frosted
Wired lighting control BM
Housing material PC
Luminaire color SILVER004
Luminaire shape rectangular
Dimensions Height: 42mm
Width: 140mm
Length: 340mm
Permissible ambient temperature range from 0°C to 25°C
Operating temperature 25°C
Weight 0.95kg
Mounting height <=3 m
Product datasheet
A one-sided wall-mounted luminaire for emergency safety sign lighting in accordance with the standards: EN 1838, EN 50172, escape route emergency lighting in accordance with the EN 60598-2-22 standard, for use with escape signs in accordance with ISO 7010. The optics have been optimized to ensure uniform pictogram illumination. Emergency lighting control system: STI; Duration time: 3h; Operating mode: TC; Standard Deviation of Color Matching (SDCM): SDCM <3; Color rendering index (CRI): >70; Voltage: 230V AC; Power in non-maintained mode: 1.20W; IEC protection class: II; Diffuser material: PC; Diffuser type: frosted; Wired lighting control: BM; Housing material: PC; Luminaire color: SILVER004; Luminaire shape: rectangular; Dimensions: Height: 42mm, Width: 140mm, Length: 340mm, ; Permissible ambient temperature range: from 0°C to 25°C; Operating temperature: 25°C; Weight: 0.95kg; Mounting height: <=3 m;

Additional accessories
9849321 Pictogram: 100x300 (111x311). UP/LEFT + DOOR
9849331 Pictogram: 100x300 (111x311). DOOR + UP/RIGHT
9849341 Pictogram: 100x300 (111x311). DOWN/LEFT + DOOR
9849351 Pictogram: 100x300 (111x311). DOOR + DOWN/RIGHT
9849361 Pictogram: 100x300 (111x311). LEFT + DOOR
9849371 Pictogram: 100x300 (111x311). DOOR + RIGHT
9849381 Pictogram: 100x300 (111x311). DOWN + DOOR
9849391 Pictogram: 100x300 (111x311). DOOR + DOWN
9849401 Pictogram: 100x300 (111x311). UP + DOOR
9849411 Pictogram: 100x300 (111x311). DOOR + UP
9698051 Pictogram: 100x300 (111x311). DOOR + "WYJŚCIE EWAKUACYJNE"
9698071 Pictogram: 100x300 (111x311). "WYJŚCIE EWAKUACYJNE" + DOOR
9849421 Pictogram: 100x300 (111x311). DOWN + HYDRANT
9849431 Pictogram: 100x300 (111x311). DOWN + FIRE ALARM
9849441 Pictogram: 100x300 (111x311). DOWN + FIRE EXTINGUISHER
9849451 Pictogram: 100x300 (111x311). HYDRANT
9849461 Pictogram: 100x300 (111x311). FIRE ALARM + DOWN
9849471 Pictogram: 100x300 (111x311). FIRE EXTINGUISHER
9680001 Ceiling box for recessed mounting in ceilings
9680910 Ceiling box for recessed mounting in ceilings
9680020 Protective grid
9866005 Adjustable bracket