A medium-sized, frameless, square or rectangular spotlight for interior lighting. A wide range of technical parameter and luminaire appearance variants for versatile applications. The 355° rotary and +/-15° tiltable optics ensure high functionality. The optics are retracted by 10 mm from the housing, which additionally reduces glare and conceals the light source. Three optics: 24°, 38° and 60° make it possible to achieve different lighting effects. A version with a color rendering index (CRI) of 98, and particularly with more than 90% red color rendering, makes this product suitable for use in museums, galleries, premium boutiques, and dental offices. Each LED module can be controlled separately in the double version. COB technology and a facetted, metalized plastic reflector guarantee the optimum construction of the optics along with high efficiency. The transparent tempered glass provides protection against dirt. A frameless, black painted steel sheet housing. The housing can also be ordered in white. Protection class II and a SELV power supply guarantee increased security.
Luminaire type Downlights
Mounting type recessed mounting
Mounting location ceiling
Luminous flux 1500lm - 3000lm
Luminous efficacy 125lm/W
Correlated color temperature 3000K, 4000K
Color rendering index (CRI) >80
Median useful life L70B50 - 231000 h
L80B50 - 145000 h
L90B50 - 69000 h
Photobiological risk group 1
Luminous intensity distribution direction direct
Beam angle 24°, 38°, 60°
Luminous intensity distribution narrow
Frame color white, smooth matte, RAL9016
Luminous intensity distribution geometry symmetrical
Unified glare rating (UGR) 13 - 22
Angle 65° luminance 166.0, 277.0, 1880.0
Voltage 230V AC
Power 12W - 24W
Wired lighting control ON/OFF, ON/OFF ECO, DALI
Wireless lighting control Optional Bluetooth Mesh
IP Code IP20
IK Code IK06
IEC protection class II
Diffuser material tempered glass
Diffuser type colorless (clear)
Reflector material PC
Housing material steel sheet
Luminaire shape square, rectangular
Permissible ambient temperature range from 0°C to 25°C
Power Supply Delivered with the luminaire
Dimensions Height: 134mm
Width: 118mm
Length: 118mm, 238mm
Ceiling opening dimensions 120mm x 120mm, 240mm
Weight 0.90kg - 1.70kg
Tilted Yes
System datasheet
A medium-sized, frameless spotlight for interior lighting. A large selection of technical parameter and luminaire appearance variants to choose from. The optical system rotates within a range of 355° and is tiltable (+15/-15°), ensuring the luminaire's high functionality. The optics are retracted from the housing by 8 mm, additionally limiting glare and concealing the light source. Available versions: square single-module and rectangular dual-module. Three light distribution angles to choose from: 24°, 38° and 60°, and a very high color rendering index: CRI 98. Luminaire type: Downlights; Mounting type: recessed mounting; Mounting location: ceiling; Luminous flux: 1500lm - 3000lm; Luminous efficacy: 125lm/W; Correlated color temperature: 3000K, 4000K ; Color rendering index (CRI): >80; Median useful life: L70B50 - 231000 h,L80B50 - 145000 h,L90B50 - 69000 h; Photobiological risk group: 1; Luminous intensity distribution direction: direct; Beam angle: 24°, 38°, 60°; Luminous intensity distribution: narrow; Frame color: white, smooth matte, RAL9016; Luminous intensity distribution geometry: symmetrical; Unified glare rating (UGR): 13 - 22; Angle 65° luminance: 166.0, 277.0, 1880.0; Voltage: 230V AC; Power: 12W - 24W; Wired lighting control: ON/OFF, ON/OFF ECO, DALI; Wireless lighting control: Optional Bluetooth Mesh; IP Code: IP20; IK Code: IK06; IEC protection class: II; Diffuser material: tempered glass; Diffuser type: colorless (clear); Reflector material: PC; Housing material: steel sheet; Luminaire shape: square, rectangular; Permissible ambient temperature range: from 0°C to 25°C; Power Supply: Delivered with the luminaire; Dimensions: Height: 134mm, Width: 118mm, Length: 118mm, 238mm, ; Ceiling opening dimensions: 120mm x 120mm, 240mm; Weight: 0.90kg - 1.70kg; Tilted: Yes;

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