A dust-proof housing that makes the luminaire suitable for versatile applications. The design of the diffuser is correlated with the shape of the reflector for a maximized lighting effect. The modern technology of the ES-AW-8 electronics includes 32-bit microcontrollers for supervising the device’s operation and external communication. High efficiency thanks to processors with ARM architecture. Energy savings guaranteed by LED light sources and the use of a minimum quiescent current in the "stop & standby" system. A large number of low-power LEDs with long service life guarantee the uniform illumination of the sign. Versions with lighting control and monitoring via the world-wide DALI-2 protocol are also available. The MONITOR luminaires have been awarded the certificate of approval from Poland's Scientific and Research Center for Fire Protection and National Research Institute (CNBOP) and the CE declaration of conformity.

Features & Benefits:

  • Safety sign emergency luminaire in accordance with the EN 1838 and EN 50172 standards
  • Escape route emergency lighting in accordance with the EN 60598-2-22 standard
  • Safety sign lighting using pictograms indicating the escape routes in accordance with the ISO 7010 standard
  • Ceiling mounting
  • High mechanical impact resistance
  • Uniform sign illumination due to a large amount of low-power LEDs
  • Version with the DALI-2 protocol available - a global communication and lighting control and supervision system
  • Version with batteries that can be used in sub-zero temperatures
  • Operation in maintained, switchable, and non-maintained mode
  • A double-circuit connector for through-wiring
  • Housing made of self-extinguishing plastic that withstands a flammability test in 850°C
  • Sign visibility: 30 m
Emergency lighting control system CTI - DALI, STI, ATI, CB220
Duration time 3h, 1h, CB
Operating mode TC, CBA
Standard Deviation of Color Matching (SDCM) SDCM <3
Color rendering index (CRI) >70
Voltage 230V AC, 230V AC/DC
Power in non-maintained mode 1.20W
IEC protection class II
Diffuser material PC
Diffuser type opal
Wired lighting control RM, BM, CB 220, CTI DALI
Housing material PC
Luminaire color gray - plastic
Luminaire shape rectangular
Dimensions Height: 234mm
Width: 156mm
Length: 356mm
Permissible ambient temperature range from -20°C to 25°C
Operating temperature 25°C
Weight 1.00kg - 1.50kg
Mounting height <=3 m
System datasheet
A double-sided ceiling-mounted luminaire for emergency safety sign lighting in accordance with the standards: EN 1838, EN 50172, escape route emergency lighting in accordance with the EN 60598-2-22 standard, for use with escape signs in accordance with ISO 7010. A sealed housing to ensure proper operation in difficult conditions. Emergency lighting control system: CTI - DALI, STI, ATI, CB220; Duration time: 3h, 1h, CB; Operating mode: TC, CBA; Standard Deviation of Color Matching (SDCM): SDCM <3; Color rendering index (CRI): >70; Voltage: 230V AC, 230V AC/DC; Power in non-maintained mode: 1.20W; IEC protection class: II; Diffuser material: PC; Diffuser type: opal; Wired lighting control: RM, BM, CB 220, CTI DALI; Housing material: PC; Luminaire color: gray - plastic; Luminaire shape: rectangular; Dimensions: Height: 234mm, Width: 156mm, Length: 356mm, ; Permissible ambient temperature range: from -20°C to 25°C; Operating temperature: 25°C; Weight: 1.00kg - 1.50kg; Mounting height: <=3 m;

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