Rectangular or tubular luminaires for lighting in proportionally shaped interiors. The system's high efficiency is guaranteed thanks to the use of the latest COB LED technology and a high-performance facetted plastic reflector. The transparent tempered glass diffuser is retracted by 20 mm to reduce glare, making this system an excellent choice for hotel receptions. The wide light distribution angle makes it possible to optimize the number of luminaires in a given room. A white-painted housing. Thanks to the use of a special fastening system, the luminaires are mounted quickly and comfortably. The luminaire is equipped with a light source and separate lighting control equipment that cannot be replaced by the user.

Features & Benefits:

  • Luminous flux: 1000-2300 lm
  • Powder-coated aluminum housing
  • Light distribution variants: 45° and 50°
  • Non-tiltable optics
  • The optics are retracted inside the luminaire
  • 2 system sizes available
  • The luminaires are available in round and square versions
  • Tempered glass diffuser
  • A facetted metalized plastic reflector
  • Quick ceiling mounting
  • Lightweight and compact construction
Luminaire type Downlights
Mounting type for surface mounting
Mounting location ceiling
Luminous flux 1000lm - 2300lm
Maximum luminous efficacy 103lm/W
Correlated color temperature 3000K, 4000K
Color rendering index (CRI) >80
Median useful life L70B50 - 220000 h
L80B50 - 135000 h
L90B50 - 51000 h
Standard Deviation of Color Matching (SDCM) SDCM <3
Photobiological risk group 1
Luminous intensity distribution direction direct
Beam angle 45°, 50°
Frame color white, smooth matte, RAL9016; black, smooth matte, RAL9005
Luminous intensity distribution medium
Luminous intensity distribution geometry symmetrical
Voltage 230V AC
Power 10W - 23W
Wired lighting control ON/OFF
IP Code IP20
IEC protection class I
Diffuser material protective glass
Diffuser type colorless (clear)
Reflector material PC
Reflector surface metalized, facetted
Housing material Aluminum profile
Luminaire shape round, square
Permissible ambient temperature range from 0°C to 25°C
Connector type 3-pole
Power Supply Delivered with the luminaire
Dimensions Height: 95mm, 120mm, 158mm
Width: 80mm, 120mm
Length: 80mm, 120mm
Diameter: 125mm, 80mm
Weight 0.40kg - 0.90kg
System datasheet
Surface-mounted downlight-type luminaires. Tubular and rectangular versions in two sizes are suitable for a wide range of applications in many various projects. The optimized light distribution and 2 color temperatures (3000K and 4000K) make this solution a great choice for many different interiors. Thanks to its construction, an optimum temperature is maintained within the luminaire's aluminum housing, keeping the COB LED light source in perfect condition throughout its long lifetime. The luminaires are available in two sizes (80 and 120 mm) and shapes (cuboidal and tubular). Na zamówienie dostępne wersje z możliwością sterowania DALI, oraz inne wersje kolorystyczne. Luminaire type: Downlights; Mounting type: for surface mounting; Mounting location: ceiling; Luminous flux: 1000lm - 2300lm; Maximum luminous efficacy: 103lm/W; Correlated color temperature: 3000K, 4000K ; Color rendering index (CRI): >80; Median useful life: L70B50 - 220000 h,L80B50 - 135000 h,L90B50 - 51000 h; Standard Deviation of Color Matching (SDCM): SDCM <3; Photobiological risk group: 1; Luminous intensity distribution direction: direct; Beam angle: 45°, 50°; Frame color: white, smooth matte, RAL9016; black, smooth matte, RAL9005; Luminous intensity distribution: medium; Luminous intensity distribution geometry: symmetrical; Voltage: 230V AC; Power: 10W - 23W; Wired lighting control: ON/OFF; IP Code: IP20; IEC protection class: I; Diffuser material: protective glass; Diffuser type: colorless (clear); Reflector material: PC; Reflector surface: metalized, facetted; Housing material: Aluminum profile; Luminaire shape: round, square; Permissible ambient temperature range: from 0°C to 25°C; Connector type: 3-pole; Power Supply: Delivered with the luminaire; Dimensions: Height: 95mm, 120mm, 158mm, Width: 80mm, 120mm, Length: 80mm, 120mm, Diameter: 125mm, 80mm ; Weight: 0.40kg - 0.90kg;

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