The housing and the diffuser are made of copolyester that is resistant against damaging chemical compounds – combined with LEDs with increased chemical resistance, this solution makes the COSMO APEX XTREME perfect for use in facilities with demanding working conditions. Thanks to the high luminous efficacy of 175 lm/W, it is also exceptionally energy-efficient. This product is BPA-free (does not contain Bisphenol-A), which makes it great for food production plants. The appropriate distance between the LED modules and the semicircular cross-section of the diffuser with a prismatic structure ensure the uniform illumination of the entire surface. The combination of the LED panel with the diffuser ensures quick and convenient assembly. The luminaire holds the certificate of hygiene from the Polish National Institute of Public Health as well as the HACCP for use in food and beverage industry facilities that comply with version 6 of the IRS standard and/or the BRC Global Food Safety standard. It is an excellent choice for industrial and technical applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • This luminaire is designed especially for facilities with severe environmental conditions, such as in animal husbandry buildings, waste processing plants, paper factories, etc. (detailed information on chemical resistance is available in the chemical compatibility sheet)
  • The housing and diffuser are made of a material that is resistant to harmful chemical compounds
  • Special LEDs with increased chemical resistance and durability
  • A very high luminous efficacy of up to 175 lm/W
  • This product does not contain Bisphenol-A (BPA-free)
  • Uniform illumination of the diffuser surface
  • The light distribution has been optimized in order to obtain the normative lighting parameters
  • Quick and easy installation: the LED panel is combined with the diffuser
  • Versions suitable for operation in a wide range of ambient temperatures from -40°C to +50°C are available
  • The luminaire fulfills the requirements for D-marking, with a limited surface temperature (< 90°C)
  • Very high ingress protection rating: IP66
  • Mechanical impact resistance: IK08
  • Certificate of hygiene from the Polish National Institute of Public Health
  • HACCP certificate for use in food and beverage manufacturing facilities compliant with version 6 of the IFS standard and/or the BRC Global Food Safety standard
  • A version that is suitable for through-wiring is available to order
  • BLUETOOTH CASAMBI lighting control optionally available
Luminaire type Increased ingress protection
Mounting type for surface mounting, pendant
Mounting location wall, ceiling
Luminous flux 4000lm - 7300lm
Maximum luminous efficacy 175lm/W
Correlated color temperature 4000K
Color rendering index (CRI) >80
Median useful life L70B50 - 139000 h
L80B50 - 86000 h
L90B50 - 39000 h
Standard Deviation of Color Matching (SDCM) SDCM <3
Photobiological risk group 1
Luminous intensity distribution direction direct
Frame color gray
Luminous intensity distribution geometry symmetrical
Voltage 230V AC
Power 23W - 43W
Wired lighting control ON/OFF, DALI
Wireless lighting control Optional Bluetooth Mesh
IP Code IP66
IK Code IK08
IEC protection class I
Diffuser material copolyester
Diffuser type with a prismatic structure
Housing material copolyester
Luminaire shape tubular
Permissible ambient temperature range from -20°C to 50°C
Connector type 3-pole, 5-pole
Dimensions Height: 78mm
Width: 82mm
Length: 1060mm
Weight 1.40kg - 1.60kg
Mounting height <=3 m, >3-6 m
System datasheet
A luminaire with increased resistance to chemicals in the working space intended for installation in facilities with harsh environmental conditions and in buildings where high luminous efficacy is of key importance. The diffuser and housing are made of appropriately selected copolyester and the product is also equipped with LEDs with increased chemical resistance. Further advantages lie in the high ingress protection rating and mechanical impact resistance, as well as the possibility to use the luminaire in both high and low temperatures Luminaire type: Increased ingress protection; Mounting type: for surface mounting, pendant; Mounting location: wall, ceiling; Luminous flux: 4000lm - 7300lm; Maximum luminous efficacy: 175lm/W; Correlated color temperature: 4000K ; Color rendering index (CRI): >80; Median useful life: L70B50 - 139000 h,L80B50 - 86000 h,L90B50 - 39000 h; Standard Deviation of Color Matching (SDCM): SDCM <3; Photobiological risk group: 1; Luminous intensity distribution direction: direct; Frame color: gray; Luminous intensity distribution geometry: symmetrical; Voltage: 230V AC; Power: 23W - 43W; Wired lighting control: ON/OFF, DALI; Wireless lighting control: Optional Bluetooth Mesh; IP Code: IP66; IK Code: IK08; IEC protection class: I; Diffuser material: copolyester; Diffuser type: with a prismatic structure; Housing material: copolyester; Luminaire shape: tubular; Permissible ambient temperature range: from -20°C to 50°C; Connector type: 3-pole, 5-pole; Dimensions: Height: 78mm, Width: 82mm, Length: 1060mm, ; Weight: 1.40kg - 1.60kg; Mounting height: <=3 m, >3-6 m;

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