A constant current emergency module for supplying LED light sources with mains or battery power. Four output current versions make this module suitable for many different applications. Operation in different modes is possible depending on the installation connections. The module can be installed in the luminaire or used as a separate power supply that can be placed in the ceiling void using cable terminal covers. Modern technology enclosed in electronics with 32-bit microcontrollers for supervising device operation and external communication. The product's high efficiency is ensured by processors with ARM architecture. Versions with lighting control and monitoring using the international DALI-2 protocol are available.

Features & Benefits:

  • Emergency module for use with 0-4 V LED light sources
  • Four output current versions available
  • The modules can be built into the luminaire or placed in the ceiling void
  • Operation in maintained, switchable, and non-maintained mode
  • Nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery
  • The electronics and battery housings can be disconnected or flexibly connected
  • Built-in cable terminal covers
  • Version with the DALI-2 protocol available - a global communication and lighting control and supervision system
  • Housing made of self-extinguishing plastic that withstands a flammability test in 850°C
  • Versions with adjustable luminous flux available
  • Minimum quiescent current thanks to the "stop & stand by" processor system
Emergency lighting control system STI, ATI, CTI - DALI
Output Current (CC) 450mA, 700mA
Duration time 1h, 3h
Operating mode TC
Voltage 230V AC
IP Code IP20
IEC protection class II
Housing material PC
Luminaire shape rectangular
Operating temperature 25°C
Dimensions Height: 30mm
Width: 32mm
Length: 418mm
Ceiling opening dimensions 40mm
Weight 0.30kg - 0.40kg
System datasheet
A constant current emergency module that can be built into a general lighting luminaire or placed in the ceiling void. Suitable for operation with an additional current-powered light source for emergency lighting. Versions with the following output current values are available: 260, 450, 700 and 1200 mA. Available with a backup duration time of 1 or 3 h. Emergency lighting control system: STI, ATI, CTI - DALI; Output Current (CC): 450mA, 700mA; Duration time: 1h, 3h; Operating mode: TC; Voltage: 230V AC; IP Code: IP20; IEC protection class: II; Housing material: PC; Luminaire shape: rectangular; Operating temperature: 25°C; Dimensions: Height: 30mm, Width: 32mm, Length: 418mm, ; Ceiling opening dimensions: 40mm; Weight: 0.30kg - 0.40kg;

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