For special tasks. The DYNAWHITE function makes it possible to adjust the color temperature to ongoing needs. The high luminous flux and the appropriate dimensions of this luminaire make it perfect for lighting in spacious shopping center passages, railway station halls, foyers in museums and art galleries. Compact form – smooth sides with no recesses. A cover made of die-cast aluminum with no visible screws. Optics installed in the CLICK system. The length of the structure can be adapted to suit the lighting design. Access to (and replacement of) the power supply from the bottom of the luminaire. The smooth wire suspension spacing adjustment makes it possible to adapt the structure to the available installation possibilities. System accessories allow for the effortless creation of spatial structures. The luminaire can be manufactured in any RAL color.

Features & Benefits:

  • An evenly illuminated, opal PC diffuser
  • A DYNAWHITE luminaire with changeable color temperature within a range between 2700 K and 6500 K
  • A timeless, smooth, rectangular profile
  • Suitable for creating linear structures
  • Power supply inside the luminaire
  • This product can be painted in any RAL color
Luminaire type Profiles and structures
Mounting type pendant, for surface mounting
Mounting location ceiling
Luminous flux 3000lm - 5900lm
Maximum luminous efficacy 115lm/W
Correlated color temperature 2700K - 6500K
Color rendering index (CRI) >80
Median useful life L70B50 - 146000 h
L80B50 - 93000 h
L90B50 - 47000 h
Standard Deviation of Color Matching (SDCM) SDCM <3
Photobiological risk group 0
Luminous intensity distribution direction direct
Frame color white, smooth matte, RAL9016
Luminous intensity distribution geometry symmetrical
Unified glare rating (UGR) 18 - 22
Voltage 230V AC
Power 26W - 52W
Wired lighting control DALI
IP Code IP20
IEC protection class I
Diffuser material PC
Diffuser type microprismatic
Reflector material aluminum
Reflector surface white
Housing material Painted aluminum sheet, Anodized aluminum profile
Luminaire shape rectangular
Permissible ambient temperature range from 0°C to 25°C
Dimensions Height: 80mm
Width: 65mm
Length: 1015mm, 1519mm, 2023mm
Weight 2.80kg - 5.10kg
System datasheet
For special tasks. The DYNAWHITE function allows for smooth color temperature adjustment. High luminous flux. The evenly illuminated opal diffuser is installed using the CLICK system. The white inner aluminum reflector increases the system's efficiency. The housing is made of smooth extruded aluminum profile, with a die-cast aluminum cover with no visible screws. Smooth suspension wire spacing adjustment. Versions suitable for connecting in lines and structures and versions with mixed light distribution are available. Luminaire type: Profiles and structures; Mounting type: pendant, for surface mounting; Mounting location: ceiling; Luminous flux: 3000lm - 5900lm; Maximum luminous efficacy: 115lm/W; Correlated color temperature: 2700K - 6500K; Color rendering index (CRI): >80; Median useful life: L70B50 - 146000 h,L80B50 - 93000 h,L90B50 - 47000 h; Standard Deviation of Color Matching (SDCM): SDCM <3; Photobiological risk group: 0; Luminous intensity distribution direction: direct; Frame color: white, smooth matte, RAL9016; Luminous intensity distribution geometry: symmetrical; Unified glare rating (UGR): 18 - 22; Voltage: 230V AC; Power: 26W - 52W; Wired lighting control: DALI; IP Code: IP20; IEC protection class: I; Diffuser material: PC; Diffuser type: microprismatic; Reflector material: aluminum; Reflector surface: white; Housing material: Painted aluminum sheet, Anodized aluminum profile; Luminaire shape: rectangular; Permissible ambient temperature range: from 0°C to 25°C; Dimensions: Height: 80mm, Width: 65mm, Length: 1015mm, 1519mm, 2023mm, ; Weight: 2.80kg - 5.10kg;

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