A tubular luminaire with a diameter of 60 mm for lighting window niches and building façades. Elliptical and 2 circularly symmetrical optics are available. The minimalist form suits both historic and modern buildings. The housing is a transparent PMMA tube resistant to harsh weather conditions. Installing the power supply system inside the housing simplifies the electrical installation and eliminates additional electrical equipment boxes. Chamfered luminaire covers, Allen screws, gaskets and handles made of high-grade stainless steel. DALI lighting control available. The luminaire is equipped with a light source and separate lighting control equipment that cannot be replaced by the user.

Features & Benefits:

  • Luminaire lengths from 625 mm to 1776 mm
  • Suitable for through-wiring
  • 3 symmetrical light distribution angles: 16°x50°, 40° and 10°
  • DALI lighting control available
  • A luminaire diameter of 60 mm
  • LED module lifetime of up to 72,000 hours for L70B50
Mounting type for surface mounting
Mounting location floor, wall, ceiling
Luminous flux 810lm - 2420lm
Maximum luminous efficacy 79lm/W
Correlated color temperature 3000K, 4000K
Color rendering index (CRI) >80
Median useful life L90 - 150000 h
Photobiological risk group 1
Energy efficiency class D, E, C
Luminous intensity distribution direction direct
Beam angle 16° x 50°, 40°, 10°
Luminous intensity distribution narrow
Luminous intensity distribution geometry elliptical, symmetrical
Voltage 230V AC
Power 11W - 32W
Wired lighting control ON/OFF, DALI
IP Code IP65
IK Code IK04
IEC protection class I
Lens material PMMA
Lens construction single lens
Housing material PMMA
Luminaire shape tubular
Permissible ambient temperature range from -20°C to 25°C
Dimensions Height: 60mm
Width: 60mm
Length: 912mm, 625mm, 1200mm, 1776mm
Weight 1.18kg - 4.10kg
System datasheet
A tubular luminaire with a diameter of 60 mm for lighting building façades. The stainless steel luminaire covers protect it against adverse weather conditions. The special construction of the mounting brackets makes it possible to change the luminaire's inclination angle against the illuminated surface. The power supply system is installed in the luminaire. The luminaire is available in four lengths. Available optics: elliptical and two symmetrical, omnidirectional. Mounting type: for surface mounting; Mounting location: floor, wall, ceiling; Luminous flux: 810lm - 2420lm; Maximum luminous efficacy: 79lm/W; Correlated color temperature: 3000K, 4000K ; Color rendering index (CRI): >80; Median useful life: L90 - 150000 h; Photobiological risk group: 1; Energy efficiency class: D, E, C; Luminous intensity distribution direction: direct; Beam angle: 16° x 50°, 40°, 10°; Luminous intensity distribution: narrow; Luminous intensity distribution geometry: elliptical, symmetrical; Voltage: 230V AC; Power: 11W - 32W; Wired lighting control: ON/OFF, DALI; IP Code: IP65; IK Code: IK04; IEC protection class: I; Lens material: PMMA; Lens construction: single lens; Housing material: PMMA; Luminaire shape: tubular; Permissible ambient temperature range: from -20°C to 25°C; Dimensions: Height: 60mm, Width: 60mm, Length: 912mm, 625mm, ; Weight: 1.18kg - 4.10kg;

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