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Discover lighting solutions that will allow you to create homey and functional living spaces. See how you can instantly change the ambience of a room from cozy and relaxing to energizing and perfect for playtime.
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Designing lighting for hotels and residentials is a major challenge. Investors have to balance the desire to create exquisite interiors that will delight visitors with the necessity of achieving savings on energy consumption and operating costs. The key elements in choosing a supplier for these types of investments are quality, reliability, flexibility and energy efficiency. ES-SYSTEM’s professional lighting solutions make it possible to create stunning spaces while significantly reducing energy consumption.

The vast product assortment allows for creating friendly interiors that will make the visitors’ stay more pleasant, whereas the intuitive lighting control will allow them to adjust the lighting intensity level and atmosphere in the room to suit their current mood. Beautiful lighting arrangements in the common areas, personalization options in the hotel rooms, and reduced electricity expenses add up to a successful project.

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A central lighting control system makes it possible to harmonize between creating a unique, adaptable and eye-catching lighting arrangement with care for energy savings. Dividing spaces into different zones and programming specific light scenes depending on the number of guests, the time of day, or weather conditions creates a functional whole that will highlight the prestige of the interiors and save energy. Allowing the guests to adjust the light intensity and color to their current preferences additionally improves the comfort of their stay and enhances the hotel’s prestige.

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Hotels & Residential

Hotels & Residential

Hotels are multi-functional spaces. They should be an inviting, friendly place for guests that is filled with warmth. However, it is also a workplace for hotel staff. In choosing hotel lighting, it’s important to remember that it should not only create the appropriate atmosphere and emphasize the interior design, but above all, it has to be functional and provide employees with the visual comfort necessary to complete their tasks.