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Create a space that will attract and guide visitors precisely where you want it to, evoking unforgettable experiences and emotions. Choose products that won’t make you compromise visual appeal while protecting the artistic masterpieces.
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Providing lighting for cultural institutions is a huge challenge. On one hand, the interior must be a perfect complement to some of the most outstanding works of art and cultural events. On the other hand, the lighting can’t be overwhelming and it mustn’t distract attention from the exhibits. In addition, museum lighting must meet very high standards and pass strict tests. The artificial lighting should be as similar to natural light as possible in order to accurately reproduce the colors and structure of the works of art. The light sources used in ES-SYSTEM products are of the highest quality, as confirmed by testing and the appropriate certificates.
Our luminaires do not emit harmful infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) radiation that could damage the art. What’s more, they are characterized by an excellent color rendering index. The obtained light very closely mimics natural daylight. When illuminating cultural facilities, it’s also important to think about their visitors and create a place where they will be able to forget about their problems and immerse themselves in the extraordinary world of art. The proper lighting arrangement and light and shadow play will give the visitors truly artistic experiences.

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Lighting cultural facilities should emphasize their character and put the visitors in the right mood. Soft, diffused light perfectly mimics natural daylight without distracting the guests from their cultural experience. More pronounced accent lighting draws attention to the exhibits. This type of light play can guide visitors through all museum zones. An extensive, adaptive lighting control system allows for the smooth adjustment of the lighting intensity depending on current needs and the light conditions outside the building. This system makes it possible to create customized luminaire groups and play back selected pre-programmed lighting scenes. This way, any exhibition can fully reveal its unique character.

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See how dedicated lighting for cultural institutions can create the right backdrop for even the most exalted cultural events.

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Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture

When designing lighting for a cultural facility, it’s important to not only bring out the beauty of the interiors, but above all, to separate and highlight strategic areas. Great emphasis should be placed on the quality of the lighting, and the selected luminaires must not emit infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Based on our many years of experience, we’ve selected an assortment of luminaires that will meet all of the requirements for lighting in cultural institutions.