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Lighting in sports facilities has to combine the highest quality with resistance to difficult working conditions. Fast-paced team games  and challenging acrobatics require excellent lighting with minimized glare. It’s also important to consider the placement of the stands and cameras, so that the spectators can watch the competitions without unnecessary obstructions. The lighting installation should be flexible so that the ambience can be adapted to different sporting events, which will increase the number of organized competitions as well as the facility’s profits.
The ES-SYSTEM product assortment for sports facilities encompasses durable, energy-saving luminaires with high mechanical impact resistance. The LED light sources boast long service life and provide lighting of excellent quality. Thanks to the appropriate light distribution variants, the competition arena is thoroughly illuminated, and neither the athletes, nor the spectators are exposed to discomfort caused by glare. The installed intelligent lighting control system makes it possible to adjust the level of lighting intensity to the requirements of a given sporting event, simultaneously reducing energy consumption and the facility’s maintenance costs.

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Lighting control in sports facilities is one of the most important aspects of the entire lighting installation. Different sporting events require completely different settings. The possibility to program separate lighting scenes that are adapted to various sporting events creates the desired atmosphere and significantly improves employee working comfort. Flexible lighting intensity changes and rapid transitions between scenes not only save considerable amounts of energy, but also make the facility more versatile, increasing profits from the investment.

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Sports & Leisure

Sports & Leisure

Luminaires for sports facilities must combine excellent light quality with efficiency and high resistance against mechanical impact. It’s also important to remember that they should limit glare, ensuring adequate visual comfort for both athletes and spectators attending the events.