Civic, Education & Healthcare

Educational and administrative facilities, airports, bus and train stations, and healthcare facilities are used by diverse people. Therefore, their lighting is not an individual matter. It must fulfill certain perceptual and communication criteria. Check out our solutions to create perfectly illuminated public facilities.
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A public building with the proper lighting can activate the community, build a shared identity, and create places that are universally user-friendly. In these types of buildings, the lighting is not only a decorative element, but rather a very important means of emphasizing the functions of the given space. It is a beacon that guides users with various needs towards their goals. ES-SYSTEM’s wide product range provides lighting for spaces with various purposes, underlining their character while creating the right
atmosphere for their users. Well-lit rooms increase comfort and give a sense of security. An additional advantage lies in the use of LED lighting, which directly contributes to the reduction of electricity and building maintenance costs. The combination of experience in lighting and interior design with modern technology has allowed us to create reliable lighting solutions that are used in public facilities all over the world.

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Multi-functional public buildings have to fulfill a variety of needs. Advanced lighting control systems allow building designers and managers to be flexible in the arrangement and use of such spaces. Automatically activated light scenes, smooth luminaire grouping and dynamic setting changes allow for the flexible adaptation of lighting arrangements to the changing needs of the building’s users and freely changing the functionalities of specific spaces in accordance with ongoing needs.

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Civic, Education & Healthcare

Civic, Education & Healthcare

When designing lighting for public facilities, it’s important to keep in mind the various needs of these buildings’ employees and visitors. Particular emphasis must be placed on the proper illumination of the entire space while providing adequate visual comfort and minimizing glare. ES-SYSTEM’s approved luminaires make it possible to create functional interiors with attention to all user needs.