Urban and Façade Illuminations

Lighting urban spaces is a big responsibility. When creating building illuminations or lighting for roads and parks, it’s important to think not only about the final visual effect, but above all, to ensure the users’ safety and proper orientation. Check out our solutions that combine the residents’ comfort with care for the natural environment.
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The LED revolution has brought a world of new possibilities for urban and street lighting. The high luminous efficacy of LED light sources combined with low energy consumption and flexible lighting control options allows for creating reliable, energy-efficient solutions that will ensure pedestrian safety, reduce the risk of road accidents and make the urban space more visually attractive. Switching from conventional luminaires to LED products with intelligent lighting control systems
makes it possible to reduce electricity costs and carbon emissions by more than 80%. The use of ES-SYSTEM street and illumination lighting allows for cost reduction and the minimization of the negative impact on the environment. As a result, innovative, flexible and efficient installations can be created, translating to the safety of road users and increasing the attractiveness or urban spaces.

Ensure security while saving money

In a time of progressing urbanization, the demand for electricity consumption is steadily increasing. As much as 60% of city spending on electricity is consumed by outdoor lighting. Due to the new urban lighting functions, these costs are continuously on the rise. Optimum street lighting management is becoming one of the key tasks that local governments must face. An intelligent, wireless lighting control system can reduce energy costs by as much as 75% and significantly simplify maintenance work in the entire outdoor lighting installation.

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