Due to stringent environmental requirements for luminaires in industrial facilities, their exceptional quality is particularly important. Check out our selection of lighting systems for industrial spaces and enjoy their utmost reliability.
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Industrial facilities are often characterized by high ambient temperatures, dustiness and humidity. This creates extremely difficult working conditions for lighting fixtures. In order to fully enjoy an efficient and reliable lighting installation, it’s important to invest in dependable, proven products. ES-SYSTEM’s many years of experience in manufacturing LED luminaires and numerous completed lighting projects in laboratories, warehouses and production facilities have made it possible
to createan assortment of luminaires for all types of spaces with high environmental requirements. Discover luminaires with a high luminous efficacy, shock resistance and ingress protection that provide excellent visual comfort. A customized lighting control system will additionally improve the energy efficiency of the entire lighting installation, enhancing working comfort and making facility management significantly easier.

Light that adapts to ongoing user needs

In addition to ensuring a comfortable and safe workplace for employees, it is equally important to optimize electricity consumption. Using modern technological solutions is a great way to achieve both tasks. A network of multi-sensors and an intelligent lighting control system independently adjust the lighting intensity to ongoing weather conditions and the number of people in the office. This ensures the same visual comfort for every employee while reducing energy consumption.

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Find out what to pay attention to when selecting lighting for industrial facilities and choose your own dependable luminaires.

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An incredibly important aspect lies in the conscious use of LED luminaires that are adapted to fulfill the requirements of each industrial facility. In addition to guaranteeing the technical correctness of the designed lighting concept, it is also crucial to ensure the adequate visual comfort for its users.