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Light is of immense importance when it comes to interior design in shopping centers and shop spaces. In addition to its basic function of illuminating the interiors and ensuring adequate shopping conditions, properly selected lighting can also impact the customers’ perception. Well thought-out and comprehensively designed lighting that is consistent with the visual identification of the building not only positively affects the visitors’ moods, but also creates the individual character of each interior.
ES-SYSTEM’s extensive experience in delivering lighting for shopping centers has resulted in creating an array of dedicated solutions including both luminaires and lighting control systems. Uniform general lighting, well thought-out accent lighting, and stunning decorative lighting with intuitive lighting control via a central lighting control system are a surefire way to create extraordinary interiors that will impress customers. Properly prepared light scenes and energy-saving LED light sources will additionally reduce electricity consumption and thus lower facility maintenance costs.

Flexible lighting for multi-functional spaces

A comprehensive lighting project is not just about the right selection and distribution of luminaires. Modern and functional lighting is also complemented by intelligent lighting control systems that make it possible to flexibly adapt the lighting to the changing needs of the building’s users. Smooth color temperature or lighting intensity changing allows for the creation of any desired atmosphere, a dynamically changing façade illumination is sure to delight visitors, whereas CIRCADIAN technology can eliminate drowsiness and irritation among employees. Lighting control systems make it possible to create functional and prestigious projects.

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Designing lighting for shopping centers is challenging for architects because they have to combine the functionality of the solution with interesting and eye-catching design. Each facility requires an individual approach that is consistent with the visual identification of the shopping center. It’s crucial for the selected luminaires to be adapted to fit into the planned project.