Hamburg, Germany
Europa Passage shopping center
Lighting design that really gave this shopping center’s interiors their wings. Our next completed project is the Europa Passage shopping center located in the very heart of Hamburg. We supplied it with one of the most spectacular lighting systems, boasting a length of just about 600 linear meters. It’s comprised of three light lines reminiscent in shape to the cross section of an airplane wing. The whole system consists of two triple light loops. The design involved arranging it in one plane and giving it a smooth transition into its spatial form of an arc. The skeleton of the system was constructed of aluminum profiles, whereas its upper and lower covering was made of thermoelastic foil. The lower covering of the wings was illuminated with LEDs in two color temperatures, and the arched portion of the system was equipped with RGBW LEDs. In order to take full advantage of the installed light sources, the system was complemented with high-class lighting control devices that allow the users to select and program many lighting arrangement variants, both fixed and dynamically variable.