Poznan, Poland
Nobel Tower Advanced Technology Center
Nobel Tower is the headquarters of the Center for Advanced Technologies. It's a place for setting innovative directions for economic development, where lasting relationships are built betwee business and science. A modern organization like this must have an adequate space for conducting its activities. The Nobel Tower building is special. The façade is a combination of cool shades of white and steel wrapped in a delicate, amorphous material. The same decorative motive was used inside the building. The corridors are illuminated by irregular fixtures shaped similarly to the façade. This effect was created by using the LUNA IRREGULAR system. The diffuser of this product is made of thermoelastic foil, which makes it possible to give it any shape. The complete personalization of all system parameters, such as color temperature, power or luminous flux was devised specifically in accordance with the requirements for this investment.

ADS Studio, Piotr Barełkowski



Applied products