Minsk, Belarus
Maserati dealership
In 2016, we supplied lighting for yet another interesting project using 100% LED technology – the Maserati dealership in Minsk, Belarus. The products used for this endeavor included System 6000 and 6000 BIS LED luminaires, as well as CAMELEON spotlights with narrow light distribution. Using System 6000 LED and 6000 BIS LED allowed us to evenly illuminate the entire showroom. Thanks to the possibility of combining these products to create both straight and bent lines, the space was adorned with a perfectly adjusted lighting arrangement. System 6000 LED luminaires are extremely efficient and energy-saving, which translates to decreased lighting costs at the dealership. The CAMELEON luminaires designed especially for this project created an extraordinary lighting effect, emphasizing the class of the exhibited cars. An additional advantage of the used lighting systems is their high color rendering index, which makes it possible to accurately present the colors of the paint and details. The high quality of the light and the personalization possibilities regarding the shapes and parameters of these products make them perfect for lighting car showrooms, as they are a great help in creating a suitable background for the exhibited products.


Applied products