Koblenz, Germany
The Löhr Center Koblenz shopping center
A winner in the DARC AWARDS 2018 in the category: “The best use of decorative lighting in a retail project”. This project stands out due to the variety of shapes, forms and colors of the lighting systems used. One of the products we delivered is the LUNA system in different shapes and sizes – ranging from circles with 80 cm to 4 m in diameter, to trapezoidal and triangular forms – which were installed individually or in collective configurations. In most of these luminaires, the luminous surface is made of a special printed fabric provided by our partner, Barrisol Artolis Imprime. The colorful prints that reflect the building’s character and ambience were manufactured according to the investor’s requirements. This project was developed by architects from ECE Projektmanagement & Co. Germany and lighting designer Tobias Link. For more information about Löhr Center Koblenz and the DARC AWARDS, visit: https://darcawards.com/decorative/lohr-center-koblenz-germany/#

ECE Projektmanagement & Co. Germany



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