Warsaw, Poland
Rondo Wiatraczna shopping center
Another one of our projects happened thanks to the legend of the Universam Grochów Department Store which had originally opened in 1977. This location in Warsaw’s Praga district offered luxury goods in the past era which were completely unavailable elsewhere. The contemporary Rondo Wiatraczna shopping center was established on the site of a tin-concrete structure from the times of the Polish People’s Republic. The modern design respects its history by keeping some of the characteristic elements, like the iconic neon Universam Grochów sign. As many as a dozen of our lighting systems were used in the facility. The interior was equipped with numerous energy-saving LED luminaires, including COSMO LED, LUNA LED, CANOS and System 4000 BIS LED, whereas the outdoor lighting of the shopping included the PARK FLOWER and ZEUS LED systems, which are resistant to harmful weather conditions.


Applied products