Wroclaw, Poland
Sagittarius Business House
The Sagittarius Business House in Wrocław – a modern office building designed by Echo Investment – was an exceptional challenge for us. It was especially important for the investor to implement lighting systems that mimic natural daylight, so as to ensure maximum comfort and the employees’ efficiency and well-being. For this purpose, we installed more than 2,000 LED luminaires from several different lighting systems, the vast majority of which are equipped with DYNAWHITE technology. Because this lighting concept complies with the idea of HCL, as many as 1,280 of the products we installed have a smoothly adjustable color temperature. For the employees’ added convenience, the lighting design also includes an intuitive app for the remote control of the lighting on each of the 6 floors. Thanks to solutions like these, Sagittarius – as an environmentally friendly and employee-oriented facility – received a BREEAM Interim certificate with an Excellent rating.


Applied products