Zabierzow, Poland
Emil House 2.0
Built in Zabierzów near Krakow, Emil House 2.0, once an ordinary house from a catalog design, gained a completely new life thanks to Agnieszka Brzostek and Dawid Hajok. The ground floor of the house is now an open space filled with raw concrete and brushed steel, whereas the upper floor is visibly inspired by traditional highlander design from Podhale. At the special request of the owners, the entire interior was equipped with the multifunctional PACO system installed on lighting tracks, cylindrical DNCE LED luminaires and industrial KRYPTON LED fixtures. Our products provide the household members with healthy light that can be adjusted to suit their needs. The large garden, terrace, and the amazing larch façade are splendidly illuminated by the following outdoor lighting systems: POSTE MINI LED, POSTE3 and GARDEN FLOWER. In Emil 2.0, our fittings are an important element of the décor. Photos: Paweł Ulatowski

Agnieszka Brzostek; AB Concept Design


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