Krakow, Poland
ES-SYSTEM Krakow Branch office
The Krakow Branch office at the headquarters of our company combines a modern landscape open space office, a meeting place and a social area that also functions as a showroom. The industrial interior design mainly features neutral shades of white and gray, livened up with a few skillfully selected decorative elements. The luminaires in this space play a twofold role: not only do they provide comfortable working conditions, but also subtly complement the interior design. The linear FX35, FX45 and FX65 systems with various diffusers are mounted over desks and divided into sections to make it possibly to individually adapt the lighting at each workstation. What’s more, thanks to a special modification, all open space luminaires guarantee even light distribution. The glazed offices feature WHY luminaires with an unusual black housing, matching the color scheme of the rooms. In the conference room, the decorative LUNA luminaire perfectly emphasizes the representative character of the space thanks to its elegant, gold-painted housing. The whole is complemented by the discreet GECO MINI WALLWASHER luminaires. One of the most interesting decorations – the living green wall – is illuminated by PACO downlights with SUNLIKE LEDs. In the social area, COSMO LED systems in the DYNAWHITE version make it possible to flexibly adjust the lighting to ongoing needs.


Applied products