Krakow, Poland
International Cultural Center
The “Pod Kruki” (“Under the Ravens”) tenement has been a witness and somewhat of a participant in many important historical events in its 700 years of existence. It currently houses the International Cultural Center – an institution that redefines the concept of national heritage. The distinctive shape of the neo-Renaissance is the work of architects, one of which is Tomasz Pyrliński, who is also responsible for the reconstruction of the Krakow Cloth Hall. The tenement house was fitted with electric lighting as early as in 1880, and several years ago, experts designed new, captivating illumination lighting using LED luminaires – with full respect to the history of this edifice.
Lighting Designer

Mirosław Sulma PhD, Eng. Of Architecture, Jan Wachacki, MSc., Eng. – ES-SYSTEM


Urban and Façade Illuminations