Krakow, Poland
Schindler's Factory Museum
The Enamel Factory was founded in 1937 and produced goods made of sheet metal coated with enamel. During World War II, Jews at risk of extermination were employed by Oscar Schindler at the factory. In 1944, he prepared the famous „Schindler’s list” together with his accountant, based on which he bought out 1100 Jewish workers and then transported them to Czechoslovakia, saving them from certain death. After the war, the factory building was taken over by the State Treasury of Poland, and subsequently by the city of Krakow. The Historical Museum decided to open an exhibit commemorating the fate of Krakow and its inhabitants during the German occupation in the years 1939-1945. The museum is located in the original building that housed the factory. While creating the lighting design, we wanted to emphasize the industrial character of the facility. Therefore, aside from the concentrated exhibition lighting, we offered two industrial systems: SATURN and KRYPTON, which highlighted the factory feel of the space and perfectly blended into the industrial interiors, transporting the tourists directly into the showcased past.

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