Dobczyce, Poland
Wawel SA production plant
Wawel SA is a company with a long tradition dating back to the nineteenth century. In order to further its development, the company’s production plant in Dobczyce valued at more than 100 million PLN was equipped with the latest technologies. Several of our advanced lighting systems have also contributed to creating optimal, safe and standard-compliant working conditions. The interior of the facility features COSMO LED, CANOS, PRIMA LED and OPEN lighting fixtures. The escape routes were made safe thanks to the use of the MONITOR1 and MONITOR2 systems. The RACER luminaires installed in the direct vicinity of the buildings were designed specifically as street lighting. Most importantly, these solutions made it possible to reduce electricity consumption in the facility by more than 40% per year, so that the oldest Polish confectionery manufacturer can still manufacture delicious products for customers to enjoy, and care for the environment at the same time.


Applied products