Krakow, Poland
Sukiennice Cloth Hall
The Cloth Hall located in the center of the Main Market Square is one of the most important age-old treasures of Krakow. Every day, crowds of tourists flock through its Renaissance arcades, attracted by the unique charm and atmosphere of the historic Old Town. In a location of this caliber, the outdoor lighting requires tremendous intuition and real artistry. That is why the lighting design was entrusted to our illumination specialists – Dr. Mirosław Sulma and Jan Wachacki. The spectacular end result was achieved thanks to the use of luminaires including the LEDPIPE 2 system, making the illuminated edifice fit right into the nighttime ambience of the historic Krakow center.
Lighting Designer

Mirosław Sulma PhD, Eng. Of Architecture, Jan Wachacki, MSc., Eng. – ES-SYSTEM


Urban and Façade Illuminations

Applied products