Wroclaw, Poland
The Racławice Panorama
The Racławice Panorama is a branch of the Polish National Museum in Wrocław, which houses the only cycloramic painting in Poland. „The Battle of Racławice” was created on the occasion of the 100 year anniversary of the Kościuszko Uprising. The work of art is 15 m high and 114 m long and in the shape of a rotational hyperboloid. It has been placed in a rotunda that was specially built to house it. The modernization consisted of replacing the existing fluorescent lamps with modern LED lighting. We installed LEDEX TOP luminaires with a computer control system in the facility. These products are characterized by their outstanding light quality. They have a color rendering index of over 95, the same goes for the R9 partial color rendering index. In an effort to make it easier to use that many luminaires, we’ve installed an extensive, adaptive control system. It lets the user smoothly adjust the lighting intensity as needed – depending on the natural lighting conditions outside. Furthermore, selected pre-programmed light scenes can be played back. The system alone has power consumption that is 50% lower, while ensuring better lighting parameters. Additionally, the lightweight design, easy installation and maintenance, as well as the efficient control system have contributed to reducing the operating costs by more than 80%.

Ewa and Marek Dziekońscy, Remigiusz Smolik


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