Krakow, Poland
Malopolska Garden of Arts
The Malopolska Garden of Arts is a cultural institution which was created in order to combine various fields of modern art. Located on Rajska street in Krakow, it has become a place where children, youths, the elderly and disabled can meet with professionalists, artists and art lovers. The new building was designed by the architectural studio Ingarden & Ewý Architects, who succeeded in making the shape of the building fit in perfectly with the surrounding architecture. The spectacular apparition of the Malopolsa Garden of Arts seamlessly combines historic elements with modernity. The installed lighting serves as an additional emphasis to this quality. The delicate illumination of the façade and the properly lit interior reflect the interior designers' concept, creating a pleasant backdrop for artistic initiatives. This outstanding project has been awarded many national and international prizes, proving its originality and excellent design.

Ingarden & Ewý Architects


Arts & Culture