Lodz, Poland
The Łódź Special Economic Zone
The center of the Łódź Special Economic Zone is located in a revitalized complex of historic former factory buildings, which have been transformed into a modern conference and training facility. The zone offers four spaces where various types of work-related meetings can be held, the largest of which seats as many as 250 people. In spaces like these, healthy, uniform lighting has a huge impact on the event participants’ moods and ability to focus. That is why we used LUNA LED luminaires with a diffuser made of thermoelastic foil with perfect light diffusion. For an even better lighting effect, the rooms and corridors are also illuminated with our System 4000 LED and System 4000 BIS LED fixtures.


Lighting Designer

MSc Eng Arch Matylda Grabowska, MSc Eng Arch Anna Grabowska, MSc Eng Arch Marta Szafnicka



Applied products