Vertex is an advanced lighting automation system based on the universal
DALI lighting control protocol. This makes the installation clear in structure,
with intuitive monitoring and significantly lower installation costs.

The transparent system operation combined with advanced lighting control,
reporting and configuration possibilities allow the user to fully utilize the
latest technological advances in lighting control, supervision and connectivity.

System automatyki oświetleniowej Vertex


  • all luminaires on one signal bus
  • the universal, international DALI bus
  • emergency luminaires combined with general
    lighting monitoring
  • the possibility to connect luminaires in extensive work groups


  • automatic adding of luminaires to the system
  • automatic software updates
  • mobile device support
  • lighting control using any system platform


Support for DALI and DALI 2 modules that are compliant with the following standards

  • IEC62386-101 Ed.2, Ed.1
  • IEC62386-102 Ed.2, Ed.1
  • IEC62386-202 Ed.1
  • IEC62386-207 Ed.1
  • IEC62386-209 Ed.1

Lighting system commissioning, configuration and monitoring using
a simple and convenient web application

  • Luminaire grouping
  • Lighting scene configuration
  • Changing individual luminaire parameters
  • Displaying the general status of the system in the form of a ring graph
  • Displaying the current parameters of the luminaires in a table
  • Test schedule programming for emergency lighting
  • Generating unified emergency lighting test reports (functional, backup
    time and battery formatting) for the entire system.

Unlimited system scalability

  • Up to 192 devices can be connected to a single controller thanks to three
    DALI ports
  • The lighting system can be expanded by adding more Vertex controllers
  • Connecting Vertex controllers within a single lighting control system via
  • Creating control groups among devices from different controllers
  • Generating multimedia control panels thanks to Node-Red Dashboard
  • Access possible via WiFi after connecting an additional accessory
schemat systemu Vertex


By standardizing the communication to the DALI system, Vertex makes it possible to connect and manage general and emergency lighting luminaires with motion and light sensors as well as control panels. The intuitive software allows for the fast creation of event logs for fire services, fast configuration of the entire system, setting schedules, and accessing information about the current status of each element within the installation.


The VERTEX unit is the perfect solution for lighting control in both small and large facilities. It is the only device needed for the comprehensive management of a lighting installation. In small facilities, it can be used as an independent control unit. However, its unlimited scalability allows for its use in even the largest of buildings. Each unit supports up to 192 luminaires scattered apart from one another within distances of up to 300 meters. The number of units forming the system is limited only by the investor’s imagination. VERTEX makes it possible to expand the installation at any given moment to any size, and additionally allows communication with BMS systems using the Modbus IP protocol.


Using the VERTEX communication system with the user makes operating the lighting equipment in the facilities even easier. The device’s firmware allows for easy connection with any computer, tablet or smartphone and is very intuitive to use. Lighting control is possible from any web browser.

Technical parameters

schemat jednostki Vertex

Electrical parameters

Parameter Value
Power supply voltage 230 VAC ± 10% @ 50/60 Hz
Maximum power consumption 14 W
Ambient temperature 0 ÷ 40 °C
Number of DALI output ports DALI 3
Current capacity of a single port 180 mA
Maximum number of luminaires 192
Ethernet port 10/100 Mbit/s RJ45