Functional outdoor lighting makes it possible to adapt the luminaire light intensity to a specific space. Small lighting installations like parking facilities and parks are not used with the same intensity at nighttime. Therefore, the luminous flux of the luminaires can be decreased at night, and electricity bills can be lowered by using luminaires with a programmed power reduction scenario.

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Lighting control via text message

The usual lighting control solutions that can be found on the market are not flexible because changing schedules involves reprogramming each luminaire individually. The ZLIGHT BASIC solution stands out due to convenient lighting schedules that can be changed via text message. An entire group of luminaires can be remotely reprogrammed by indicating one of the seven power reduction scenarios in the message.

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Only Gateway + VMC luminaires

ZLIGHT BASIC is a reliable solution that was specially designed using proven technologies. The system is simple – it consists of only two elements – the ATLAS ROAD (Gateway) controller that is plugged into the power line, and the VMC (Virtual Midnight Control) luminaires. This solution is ideal for modernizing lighting, where great energy efficiency is expected, but it would be unfavorable to invest in unreliable and expensive wireless technologies. ZLIGHT BASIC is a perfectly optimized solution with a very high price-performance ratio.